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Seven Jewish and Christian Theological Principles for Green Building

While some scholars in the Jewish and Christian traditions have articulated environmental theologies, there has been relatively little writing on the theology of green, healthy building.

The following is an effort to strengthen a conversation within the religious community about this issue. Today, religious leaders have the opportunity to argue for green building as a call from God, a call to bear witness. As our friend Judith Helfand, who coined the phrase "Building in Good Faith," says, we must help our leaders to teach their communities: "We're not just building a building. We're building a just building."

Here, then, are several Jewish and Christian teachings which can provide us with a foundation for a theology of green and healthy building.

  1. God Created, Owns and Holds the Universe in Being
  2. An Expression of God, Creation is Good, Holy and Fruitful. Green Building Supports these Aspects of Creation
  3. Human Beings are Embedded Stewards with Unique Responsibilities; Sustainability is a Religious Value
  4. Religious Facilities Can Become Instruments of Ecological and Social Justice
  5. Green Building Expands Religious Communities’ Boundaries
  6. Green Building Re-Images Religious Purity Laws to Support Life
  7. A Final Text

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