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Why Build Green

The Theological Context

Three Religious-Environmental Themes

Seven Jewish and Christian Theological Principles for Green Building

The Need for an Environmental Context

The Financial Context

Success Stories

Success Story 1

Success Story 2

Success Story 3

Success Story 4

Success Story 5

Planning & Decision-Making

Getting Started

Planning, Planning, Planning!

Your Building Program What it means…how to do it…and with whom

Hiring Architects, Designers & Builders to Help You Build Green

Designing Your Project

Creating a Budget

Life Cycle Analysis & Assessment


During Construction

After Construction

Case Studies

Understanding Green Building Costs

Environmental Costs

Financial Costs

The Concept of "Worthy Expense"

Fundraising Green Dollars

Planning, Planning, Planning

Identifying Potential Supporters

Grant Funding & Low-Interest Loans for Green Building

Educating and Engaging your Community

Understand the Potential of your Major Donors

Creating Your Team

Creating Your Materials and "Case"

Publicizing Your Project

Researching Funding for Green Building

How to Think About Building Green

What is Green Building? What are the LEED standards?

How to Use LEED

LEED Certification

LEED Categories

Final Thoughts

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