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Opportunities for Energy Efficiency for
New Jersey Religious Facilities

Are you building or renovating a religious facility in New Jersey? If so - there's good news. The State's Board of Public Utilities - through its New Jersey SmartStart Buildings Program - offers a number of incentives and resources to help you integrate energy efficiency into your new building or renovation project.

Two Important Initial Considerations

As you start the design phase of your project, it is critical that you explore the options available to you through this Program. As with all of the initiatives described in Building in Good Faith, the opportunities available through this Program work best when they are incorporated into your building or renovation project early in your design phase.

Also, in order to qualify for any of the incentives, the Board of Public Utilities must pre-approve your project. Make sure that you involve your architect and contractor in this process from the start.

What Kinds of Projects Are Covered?

The best way to make use of these resources is to spend some time reviewing the types of projects it covers. You can find out about this by clicking here to read about the various project categories covered by this Program - from new construction to remodeling to equipment replacement.

Getting Help with Energy-Efficient Design

The Program offers resources to help your institution integrate energy-efficiency into your design right from the start - or in mid-stream (Though it's always better to start early). To learn more about getting design assistance, click here if your project is 50,000 square feet or more.

If your project is under 50,000 square feet, click here for information about design assistance.

What Kinds of Equipment Are Covered?

You can review a list of the different kinds of energy efficient equipment for which incentives are offered. Click here to review this information.

Finding a Trade Ally

The Board of Public Utilities has assembled a list of trade allies that carry out the various kinds of projects covered by the Program. While the list in no way represents a recommendation or endorsement, it can be a helpful way to begin your search for a trade ally. To review the list of trade allies, click here.

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